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Participants engaged in a Recalibration Breathwork session, practicing deep, circular breathing in a serene, supportive environment.

How to Use Breathwork to Activate Your Soul’s Purpose

breathwork soul purpose May 21, 2024

 Your soul’s purpose was encoded in your DNA before you even took your first breath. 

You were born knowing who you are and why you are here. But as life unfolded, societal expectations and external influences began to obscure your original blueprint. 

But now you can peel back those layers and reconnect with your authentic self through the life-changing power of Recalibration Breathwork.


Rediscovering Your Original Breath

Recalibration Breathwork is a unique method designed to restore your breath to its natural, most potent state—the original breath. This form of breathing is most like a sigh of relief: a deep, refreshing inhale followed by an effortless release. By practicing this breathwork, you can reset your nervous system, release stored tension, and reconnect with your soul's true purpose.   



Step 1: Create a Sacred Space

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. You might light some candles, burn incense, or play soft, healing music to help set the intention for a transformative experience. I created a 21min breathwork playlist for you here.  


Step 2: Set a Clear Intention

Begin your session by setting your intention. This could be a desire to uncover aspects of your life’s purpose or to seek clarity on a particular issue. Hold this intention close as you breathe, letting it guide your experience.


Step 3: Understand the Technique

Recalibration Breathwork focuses on what is called a circular breath. This involves taking 10 or more consecutive breaths in the manner of a continuous sigh of relief. Each inhale is deep and rejuvenating, and each exhale is an effortless letting go, maintaining a seamless flow between the two. 

You can practice this breathing technique on your own for 10-15 minutes at a time. It is a gentle but profound process, you do not need to push hard or force the breath. 

Think: Sigh of relief. 

Allow each breath to release the thoughts, energies, and emotions that no longer serve you. 


Step 4: Dive into the Practice

Focus on maintaining a rhythm that feels natural yet intentional. Allow your body to adjust to this breathing pattern, and observe as your nervous system begins to reset.

You may notice tingles or other sensations as stagnant energy is released from your body. 

Or you may notice emotions, tears, or old memories arise to be lovingly released. 

Allow each practice session to be different. Sometimes it will be a gentle journey, other times it may be more intense as you let go of old energies & emotions. 


Step 5: Reflect and Journal

After your practice, take time to reflect on your experience. Notice any shifts in your perception or feelings, and write down any insights or revelations. This will help you integrate your experiences and track your progress over time.

You may even receive clear insights about your purpose, next steps in life, or answers to personal questions you've been grappling with. 


Step 6: Join a Guided Group Session

For a deeper and more intensive practice, participate in our online monthly Recalibration group sessions. These sessions provide a supportive environment where you can engage in breathwork under expert guidance, helping you to release decades of stored tension, stagnant emotions, and limiting beliefs. We meet on zoom once a month. 


Step 7: Commit to Regular Practice

Consistent practice is so important in deepening the impact of breathwork. Regular engagement helps you gradually strip away the external influences that cloud your purpose, bringing you closer to your soul’s original blueprint.


Recalibration Breathwork can be life-changing

Those who regularly participate in Recalibration Breathwork often describe transformative experiences, such as heightened clarity, emotional release, and a profound sense of returning to their authentic selves. By resetting your nervous system and releasing old patterns, you make space for new possibilities and deeper alignment with your soul’s purpose.

In a world that often steers you away from your intrinsic nature, Recalibration Breathwork offers a powerful tool for finding your way back to your true self. By re-establishing your original breath, you not only enhance your physical and emotional well-being but also open up to the profound wisdom of your soul. 

The journey to activating your soul’s purpose is on-going, and each breath is a step closer to uncovering the magnificent truth of who you are meant to be. Embrace this journey with open arms and let each breath guide you towards your fullest potential.


***For an even more profound and immersive experience, join our in-person breathwork sessions in the magical surroundings of Sedona. These sessions are designed to take your practice to the next level, combining the power of Recalibration Breathwork with the healing energy of Sedona’s red rocks. In this sacred valley, you can deepen your connection to your soul’s purpose and experience a level of transformation that is truly life-changing. Find dates and details for Sedona Breathwork here.