You were divinely designed to thrive.



You were designed to live your highest expression of purpose.

You were designed to know how to listen to and follow your intuition.




In a world that often values logic over instinct, you may have drifted from your true path.


And Now...


It's Your Time to RECALIBRATE

Reconnect with your inner wisdom and breathe new life into your higher purpose.



Join us for a very special 



Breathwork Activation







The RECALIBRATION breathwork

process offers you:


 *Instantaneous Stress Relief 

Feel an immediate wave of peace wash over you, as stress and anxiety melt away, leaving your mind tranquil and your body at ease.


*Enhanced Mental Clarity & Intuition

Sharpen your focus and awareness. Empower yourself to make choices that resonate deeply with who you are and what you truly desire.


*Emotional Release and Healing 

Unlock and liberate stuck emotions. Experience the freedom and balance that comes with emotional release, leading to inner peace.



Each RECALIBRATION session begins with a short transmission teaching and guidance for how to use your breath to activate your highest potential. 

The breath we use is gentle yet profound. Unlike many breathwork practices that use intense and less natural breath patterns, in RECALIBRATION breathwork you will access your original breath to reconnect you with your innate intelligence. 


This process supports you to:


Uncover Your Aligned Life Purpose and Path

Align every breath with your life's purpose. Gain the clarity and confidence to walk your unique path, with conviction and joy.

Deepen Your Self Love & Worthiness

Dive into the depths of your being. Reconnect with your true self and live a life that's authentic and wholly fulfilling.

Find Grace Amidst Life’s Challenges 

Cultivate the strength to gracefully handle life's ups and downs. Develop emotional resilience that supports you in all of life's moments.





“I feel so blessed to have connected with Leandra. The breath workshops that I have participated in have each been totally unique and truly life-changing. Those experiences include healing realizations that have helped me reset some unhelpful thinking patterns and hang-ups that I’d been dealing with (or not dealing with) for years. I am honestly amazed at how much healing can happen in such a short amount of time. Leandra leads you through the process with so much intuitive guidance and there is a real sense of safety before, during, and after the work. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”


-Suzanne S, Singer/Mother, Santa Monica, CA


As a novice who has only meditated a handful of times, I wasn’t sure what to expect during my session. The resulting experience was profound and beautiful. It genuinely surprised me and exceeded any expectations I had. I was filled with love and euphoria both physically and mentally. I hesitate to say I experienced nirvana but it was certainly as close to that state as I’ve ever experienced.

-Carla Malin, Marketing Director, Los Angeles


Are you ready to live and thrive in your unique purpose?


Join our monthly sessions and start your journey of recalibration. 


Discover the power of breathwork to transform not just your mind, but your entire way of being.



August 22, 2024 6-8pm MDT

September 19, 2024 6-8pm MDT

October 17, 2024 6-8pm MDT

November 21, 2024 5-7pm MDT

December 19, 2024 5-7pm MDT