I know that if you’ve landed here you’re ready to listen to the inner voice that’s telling you there’s more to life than you’ve been living. You’re ready to follow your heart’s calling to manifest an extraordinary life of meaning and purpose. 
You’re in the right place. 
I’m Leandra Rose.
Transformational coach, Embodiment Teacher, Sovereignty Guide, and Inner Child Whisperer. 
But I haven’t always been.
I’ve gone by other names. Names that held chapters of lifetimes past and kept me stuck in stories of oppression and limitation passed down through generational trauma. Names that held an identity of poverty, playing small, and victimhood. 
Leandra Rose is a name that was revealed to me at the depths of an ego death.
It was months after a painful divorce and in the midst of discovering who I was outside of the alcoholic, codependent family system I had been raised in.
I was doing the inner work but had still been clinging to my old identity, limiting beliefs and childhood imprints and finally when I chose to surrender it all dissolved. 
The old me died.
I Rose from that ego death as an entirely new version of me. 
My years of meditation practice and studies in human potential and spirituality took on a whole new life. Psychic gifts came online. My channel opened. But I was still unsure of what to DO with all that wisdom and energy. 
A life altering breathwork session brought an undeniable EMBODIED knowing of my next steps. I discovered that my true purpose is guiding awakening women in dismantling their childhood imprints and limiting beliefs to become the visionary women of impact they’re meant to be. 
There was no turning back, so I left my 15 year career as an early childhood educator and launched and scaled my transformational coaching business to 6 figures in the first 2 years.
Now having served 100s of women I see all those years of working with children was my training ground to help women return back to their original selves, beyond conditioning, beyond what they’ve been told they should be into visionaries and way showers for the New Paradigm. 
And I want to help you do the same. 
Yours in service,
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I do this work because I KNOW that when each one of us is tapped into our highest potential the problems we currently see on our planet will be solved. 


Each of us holds a golden thread of the New Paradigm but some people are stuck believing they don’t matter. They’re stuck in old ways of thinking, old ways of being. My mission is to empower them to live their bigger purpose so we can weave the New Paradigm together.







Personal Responsibility

Mutual Support


you can find me…

  • Hiking a trail & loving up on Mother Earth

  • Snuggling with my beloved & our pitsky puppy 

  • Cooking the most nourishing organic meals 

  • Devouring books on spirituality, personal development, financial freedom, and investing

  • Talking with my girlfriends about manifestation, metaphysics, 5D living, and womb wisdom (we’re kinda witchy like that)

Cancer ☀︎ Sagittarius Capricorn


INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)


Human Design: Manifesting Generator


Wealth Dynamics: Supporter/Star 


Archetype: Divine Mother


Psychic Gifts: Clairaudient, Clairsentient


  • Eliminated chronic anxiety & stress related symptoms  
  • Resolved Mystery illness when doctors couldn't help
  • Experienced Weight loss, increase in energy & vitality 
  • Healthy, natural pregnancy after years of trying! 


  • Paid off $30k debt years early!
  • Received a Promotion at work & a raise that doubled her income
  • Transmuted ancestral poverty mindset into wealth consciousness 
  • Had a $20k launch 
  • Went from struggling at $20/hr to thriving at $8k per month in her soul aligned business


  • Launched a wellness company for women of color
  • Created a signature program that sold out & received world wide acclaim 
  • Left a full time job to travel the world and discover her soul’s calling
  • Founded a recycling & sustainability company 
  • Claimed her role as a Spiritual Teacher & launched her business


  • Radical self love & worthiness never before experienced
  • Healed strained relationships with parents after years of pain
  • Brought a marriage back from the brink of divorce
  • Manifested a healthy soul mate relationship after divorce & decades of dysfunction
Work With Me

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