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"Over the past year while working with Leandra, I have been able to dramatically reduce my anxiety and fears, identify what I desire in life, and take steps towards honoring my true self. Leandra balances compassion, intuition, and action in a supportive environment that allows for rapid emotional and spiritual growth. I would highly recommend anyone dealing with unresolved issues, or feeling like there is “more” to life, to have Leandra guide you to what is possible."
- Sarah, Human Resources Manager, Scottsdale, Arizona

Leandra is a such a gifted healer with this tremendous capacity to guide women into their inner landscapes with grace and and powerful sense of safety. As a new mother, there are so many days where I find myself juggling so many things that I literally forget to breath. Taking the time to connect with my body, nourish my spirit and explore my heart is so vital to my ability to not only take care of my family, but most importantly myself. Leandra is an embodiment of love, acceptance and kindness and it is such a treasure to have her in my life.
Brittany Matkevich, Venice, CA

Leandra is such a lovely person and a talented lightworker. I always look forward to working with Leandra as she is able to help me dig deeper into areas I need a bit of a push accessing. As a healer, Leandra always makes me feel so supported and I never leave a session without feeling like I’ve chipped away at something in my life that needed healing. Her technique is a powerful, feminine breathwork tool and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to delve deeper into their Yin or balance their masculine and feminine energies.. Leandra is such a joy and just being in her presence makes my heart feel full. I am lucky and thankful to her for holding space in such a loving way!
Brittany Willson, Marketing consultant, Los Angeles, CA

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I met Leandra through a breathwork class and was immediately comforted by her warmth and the love she radiated. Soon after, we decided to work together one on one as I went to her with my lifelong fear of abandonment and my anxiety, which has been most prominent and problematic in my romantic life, and for my overall desire to just feel better and reach my true potential.
Leandra’s capacity to hold space for me and my feelings is one like I’ve never experienced before. She helped me realize I’m not alone or wrong in my feelings. Through our sessions, she helped me see the fullness and brightness of my being, especially in times when I felt like I could never see it again. 
My work with her has truly been transformative. My journey with anxiety and false beliefs is one that I’ll probably always be working on, but my time with her helped me grow leaps and bounds from what I could have ever done on my own.
Thank you Leandra for teaching me and showing me the capacity I have to sit with and work through my feelings. From where my level of anxiety and self-love was when I first met Leandra to where it is now is truly amazing. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone struggling with their emotions or feeling stuck. She is a beautiful, pure soul who understands and shows you a new, brighter way of seeing things and being.
-Kristin Simon, Venice, CA, Marketing & Content Manager



I was full of fear, loneliness, bodily tension and disempowering patterns before I began working with Leandra. I was beginning to feel like my negativity was going to affect my fertility and desire to become a mother. I was living the life I made for myself but was unable to properly engage in it and appreciate it because of my childhood traumas. 
I ran into Leandra’s work through a friend of mine and immediately felt supported. She was the voice I needed to hear to guide me, giving me the encouragement to open myself up to my own voice and feeling of safety. Her guidance is amazing because she allowed my own body to dictate the path of our sessions. Leandra helped me give myself permission to be who I actually AM. 
I am now an empowered, creative, boundary-setting woman who is not afraid to voice her opinion and command her life. Leandra has taught me this amazing tool of breath work, which allows me to find everything I need within me. After this three-month course, I am confident that every woman needs to learn the tools Leandra teaches to realize her full potential in this life.
Payal Kullar, Attorney, Modesto, CA
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What they are saying about Breathwork

While I’ve taken breathwork classes before and felt the incredible release and benefits it can offer, the class with Leandra was an experience like none I’ve been a part of before!
Leandra began by having the courage to follow her intuition and share with us a personal issue she was going through and how in the sharing of her story, she hoped to create a safe space for us to tap deeply into our physical and emotional traumas and issues. 
As we began, her calming presence led us into a peaceful meditative state where we were able let the breath take over. Her guidance, along with music that inspired emotional release, kept our beautiful journey flowing. 
Leandra was able to make her way to each person in class and share a her healing touch. As Our emotions began to surface I felt such a connection to myself and the other people in class. We cried and breathed and trusted in the process. 
As we were guided out of the meditation, I felt such gratitude for the magic I had experienced. Not only did I feel lighter, safer, and more focused on what I wanted out of life, I received the extraordinary gift of hearing what Breath of Love had been for the others in class. 
As each person shared, I felt such a strong connection to each of them. In particular, one woman was so physically and emotionally affected by her experience that we sat in awe as she shared her story. Leandra sat near her and I was witness to true healing. She explained that after years of unexplained physical pain, she felt the breath move through those areas, healing. She also felt such clarity about an emotional decision she was on the verge of making prior to class. 
Words can’t do justice for what happened during that class, but I am forever changed and a believer in the power of breath. We were led by a true healer in Leandra and I look forward to many more miraculous experiences on my journey! 
Thanks, Brooke


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