“After 6 months with Leandra, I was able to speak the vision that God has placed before me and launch my business for all women of color. I tune into my body and listen to the whispers. This next chapter will start a chain of generational blessings for me and my family.”  

  Jacquelyn Ayears, Founder of Hummingbirds Wellness, Los Angeles, CA

In our work together, I empower you to spiral upward through the initiations of your greatest becoming in 3 Phases 


Rise beyond past conditioning to reclaim your true power and master the art of self leadership. 

In phase 1 the focus is on:


  • Mastering your energetics and emotions to overcome stress, worry, & anxiety
  • Integrating the wounded child & shadow aspects of Self
  • Clearing trauma energy from your body and healing your nervous system
  • Learning to use emotional triggers for your personal evolution
  • Moving from Codependency to Sovereignty
  • Overcoming any remnants of victimhood mentality and owning your personal power
  • Holding empowered boundaries around your time, energy and money



Embody your radiance and unapologetically shine in your authenticity and feminine magnetism 

In phase 2 the focus is on:


  • Learning Radical self-love & self-acceptance
  • Overcoming fears of being seen so you can express your truth confidently and unapologetically 
  • Beginning to put yourself first and put an end to people pleasing
  • Activating your radiance and embodying your feminine essence 
  • Connecting with your sensuality and healing any sexual or body shame
  • Transmuting insecurities to become confident and Magnetic
  • Moving from Scarcity to Abundance
  • Learning how to Trust and follow your intuition 


Turn your wisdom into wealth and create a thriving heart-led business that leaves a legacy of impact for generations to come

In phase 3 the focus is on:


  • Mastering Prosperity mindset and wealth embodiment
  • Stepping into High Integrity Leadership
  • Learning to become a wealth and job creator rather than an employee
  • Mastering entrepreneur energetics 
  • Moving from Consumer to Creator
  • Developing your unique method and programs
  • Creating an extraordinary service-based business
  • Being of service to the greater good while thriving



Wherever you are on the upward spiral, I’m here to support and empower you to Rise, Shine & Thrive as you heal generational trauma and create a whole new legacy of purpose and impact. 

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