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For the spiritual entrepreneur who feels behind: Maybe your business is just DEEPER

entrepreneurship leadership Feb 03, 2024

Navigating the spiritual business landscape often involves walking a path that's wildly different from the conventional, fast-paced entrepreneurial world. If you're stewarding a soul based business rooted in subtle energies, you may notice your growth looks different—perhaps may even seem slower—compared to businesses driven by more overt, gross energetics. 

But why is this, and more importantly, why is this perfectly aligned with the nature of your spiritual business?

The Nature of Subtle vs. Gross Energetics

First, let's understand the difference between subtle and gross energetics. Gross energetics are tangible, visible actions and strategies—think aggressive marketing campaigns, rapid scaling, and a focus on quick financial returns (ie boss babe culture). These are the benchmarks of traditional businesses that measure success in terms of profit and volume of sales. 

Subtle energetics, on the other hand, operate on a different level. They are the unseen forces, the intuitive decisions, and the spiritual connections that guide a business. For a spiritual business, growth is measured not just by financial success but by the depth of impact, the authenticity of connections, and the alignment with spiritual principles.

Why Growth Looks Different in Spiritual Businesses

  • Depth Over Speed: Spiritual businesses prioritize depth of impact over the speed of growth. This means taking the time to connect deeply with your clients and community, understanding their journey, and providing high integrity leadership and transformational experiences. Such depth of connection and transformation takes time to cultivate and doesn't always align with rapid scaling models.


  • Intuitive Decision Making: Rather than relying solely on market trends and analytics, spiritual businesses often make decisions based on intuition and spiritual guidance. This approach can lead to unconventional choices that may not bring immediate results but are in better alignment with the business's core mission and long-term vision.


  • Energetic Integrity: In a spiritual business, actions and strategies must be in alignment with the owner's and the business's energetic blueprint. This can mean passing up seemingly lucrative opportunities that don't feel right energetically, leading to a growth path that may appear slower but is more sustainable and fulfilling


  • The Compound Effect of Transformation: The success of spiritual businesses often spreads through word-of-mouth and the ripple effect of the transformation experienced by their clients. This organic growth may take longer to materialize into visible success but tends to be more stable, authentic and loyal.


  • Cycles of Rest and Activity: Unlike the constant hustle of traditional businesses, spiritual businesses respect and work within natural cycles of rest and activity. There are times for outward growth and times for inward reflection and replenishment. This cyclical approach may slow down growth in the short term but is essential for long-term sustainability.

If your spiritual business is experiencing a seemingly slower growth trajectory, know that your soul based business is designed to thrive but only in integrity with its, and your, unique blueprint.

Think of it like this: The same higher intelligence that grows a sacred forest is at play in your business, it operates within the laws of natural creation whereas an industrialized mono crop (traditional business) bypasses natural intelligence to force results. 

So instead of comparing your growth to businesses that operate on a completely different energetic template (and value system), create meaningful metrics for your business. Take our list above as an example and use those to measure your success. 


On a scale of 1-10 how aligned is your message with the depth of your business mission? Are you speaking the real deep truths you’re here to teach on or are you watering it down for the masses because a business coach told you to?

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you TRUST your intuition in your business? Do you follow through with intuitive nudges or do you deny them because they don’t fit in a traditional business plan?

On a scale of 1-10 how in alignment are your business decisions with your core mission? Do you say yes to opportunities even when they aren’t correct for your business? 

On a scale of 1-10 how much is the delivery of your services impacting your clients’ lives? Are you spread thin because you’re using the wrong business energetics and then not able to deliver your ABSOLUTE best to your clients? 

On a scale of 1-10 how well are you honoring your seasons and cycles of rest & action? Are you hustling and burning out or are you consistently resting and nourishing yourself?

In a spiritual business your journey is not just about reaching the next money milestone. It's about HOW you grow, the lives you touch, and the spiritual integrity with which you operate. Your business's success cannot be measured solely by the same metrics used in more traditional businesses, because the value you provide transcends numbers and figures.

And, yes, OF COURSE, money and scaling your business gets to be a part of your journey! You get to be rich in all senses of the word. But you have to build the foundation of your business in the CORRECT energetics. 

To grow sustainably and with integrity you must embrace your unique journey, trust in the timing of your growth, and know that by honoring your business's subtle energetics, you're creating a foundation for profound, sustainable success.

Inside Soulful Success we dive deep into aligning your business with your unique blueprint, making sure your growth is not only measured by financial success but by the fulfillment of your soul's purpose. In this self paced course you'll learn how to turn your unique gifts into a profitable and ALIGNED business.