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How to Market Your Sacred Work with Integrity

Jun 06, 2024

As a spiritual entrepreneur, your unique gifts and services are your magic. But even the most powerful magic can remain unseen without the right marketing. 

And trust me, I know how challenging it can seem to market your sacred work in a world that's crowded with voices competing for attention and likes on the internet. 

How do you stand out? 

How do you compete with marketers who manipulate?

How do you sell your offers with integrity?

I promise you do not have to get LOUDER or embellish your offers or lie or manipulate, you just need to be TRUER to your unique essence and BOLDER in sharing it. 


Here's how to market your Sacred Work with integrity:

Believe in Your Magic

First and foremost, you’ve got to believe in the value of what you offer. This belief isn't just nice-to-have, it's THE foundation of your marketing. Your conviction in your own abilities is what will help others trust that they can believe in what you offer too. 

Imagine I just made a pie but I didn’t believe in my abilities as a baker, I didn’t know if it would taste good or if it's even edible and I offered you a slice. I tell you, “Here have some” “Please eat my pie” “Please eat a slice and tell me I’m a good baker”"I hope it doesn't make you sick" “Please, why aren’t you eating it?” 

This is what we do when we market without belief in our offer. Ew, right? 

So go cultivate some belief in your magic: 

  • Review past testimonials and let it sink in that you have helped people change their lives
  • If you don’t have testimonials yet, ask for them.
  • If you don’t have enough experience with actual clients yet, go give your service away to a few people and gain experience and feedback. 
  • Unfollow every single content creator that leaves you feeling anything less than pure magic.
  • Journal about your magic. What makes your medicine so powerful? Why do you believe it’s valuable? Why do you wish more people could experience it?


This belief should radiate from every piece of content, every message, and every interaction you have with your audience.


Get to Know Your Unique Medicine

You did not answer the call of your soul just to water it down for the masses. You have a unique way that you channel Divine wisdom. This is your unique medicine, the magic only you can bring to the table. 

You’re not just any coach.
You’re not just any healer.
You’re not just any sacred teacher.


You have a unique set of gifts, experience and perspectives that make you the best choice for YOUR people. But you have to help them see it. 

So start telling them.

Tell them what prompted you to start in the first place.
Tell them all the ways you disagree with others in your same field.
Tell them about your most cherished values.



Create Your Own Rules

Traditional business & marketing tactics don't always apply to your Sacred Work.

That's why you get to create your own rules.

When traditional business says: You have to pick a lucrative niche to make money.
The soul of your business might say: Be the message and they will come.

When traditional business says: You must solve a problem they will pay for.
The soul of your business might say: What problem? People don’t need fixing, they just need to remember who they truly are.

When traditional business says: You have to outsmart & outshine your competition.
The soul of your business might say: There is no competition when you are being your authentic self.

Your marketing should feel like an extension of your Sacred Work, not a departure from it.

A few of my own marketing rules are:

  • If I’m afraid to say it, I say it.
  • I talk about what is most true and alive in me even if it seems “off brand”
  • I post content when I can stand behind it with integrity.
  • I do not post content just to get likes or appease an algorithm.
  • I market my offers with honesty and transparency, even if it means “fewer” people will buy.

What are your own rules?

Speak Directly to Your Soul Mate Clients

Your message isn't for everyone, and that's a good thing. Speak directly to the hearts and minds of your soulmate clients. Think about the kind of people you wish to work with. Not in some superficial “client avatar” kind of way. But genuinely think about who you want to hang out with or do business with. 

It's ok if by being specific about your right fit people you repel others.  In fact you want to repel those who won’t be a good fit. 

Some examples of the kind of people I wish to attract:

  • lead with their hearts 
  • care about making the world a better place
  • want to both be of service and build wealth
  • understand there is more to life than our 5 senses
  • Live a deeply spiritual life that goes beyond crystals & tarot cards
  • Care more about integrity than status, fame, or money


Naturally, when I speak directly to my people I repel those who:

  • Favor logic over intuition
  • Are self serving
  • Do not believe you can or should be spiritual AND wealthy
  • Only believe what they can see with their physical eyes
  • Are unwilling to do the deep work
  • Chase money, status & fame. 

When you really own who it is you want to magnetize, you have to also be ready to let go of those who are not a match. So be ready, when you start speaking your true message people will fall away. Celebrate this! 

Grab a sheet of paper, split it down the middle and write those qualities you are magnetizing to you and those you are repelling. 

Use that to guide your language in your marketing and watch how quickly you attract the most amazing people! 

Be Real, Get Vulnerable

Be vulnerable by sharing your journey, the challenges you've overcome, and the lessons you've learned along the way. This authenticity builds trust and cultivates a deeper connection with your right fit people.

  • What mistakes have you made and learned from?
  • What have you been hiding from your audience that would be valuable for them to hear?
  • What do you hide from your audience out of fear some people might leave if you share it?
  • What challenges have you overcome on your journey?
  • Despite being the awesome human and leader that you are, what insecurities or fears do you still grapple with?

I’m pretty open and vulnerable in my content, but about once a month I challenge myself to be even more real. I ask myself these questions, I write the honest truth and I publish it. 

Those emails and posts get BY FAR the most responses because people are craving realness more than perfection. I promise! 

*Caveat: sharing vulnerably is not the same as venting, whining or otherwise using your audience to save you from your own discomfort. Your vulnerability must come from your power not a place of victimhood. 

Be Consistent, But Be Flexible

Consistency in your marketing builds recognition and trust, but flexibility allows you to adapt and grow. 

You’re going to have to show up with some regularity and consistency in your message. But this does not mean you should abandon your humanity

There will be times when you have the capacity to show up every day, build genuine relationships with your audience, and give your gifts. 

And there will be days when you need to rest, go inward, be silent and still. 

Both are valuable and in order to have a sustainable business you will need both.

Until you have enough cash flow in your business to hire a team, do not expect yourself to show up unceasingly day after day. And DO NOT compare yourself to people who seem to be able to do that. Most of them have teams helping keep their business consistent. 


When it comes to your core message, it should remain steady, but the ways in which you express it can and will evolve over time. Meaning, your deepest why and core values likely won’t change so much but what you sell and how you sell it can vary wildly.  


Take me as an example: 

At the absolute core of my being I stand for sovereignty and for the right to everyone to live in accordance with their soul’s unique mission


  • I have done this as a kindergarten teacher, who used the classroom as a place to teach self awareness, self love, and authentic expression to 5 year olds.
  • I have done this as a parenting coach, helping parents trust both their own and their child’s unique soul path. 
  • I have done this as a somatic healing practitioner, helping people access their unique soul blueprint and reprogram their subconscious to live authentically.
  • And of course as a business mentor helping entrepreneurs express their unique spiritual mission through business.

What is your golden thread? That vital essence of your mission that you can weave through all aspects of your life and business?

Be consistent with that above all else.  

If your core mission is Love, how do you live it?
If your core mission is well-being, how are you embodying it?
If your core mission is spiritual mastery, how do you exemplify it?

That right there is THE best marketing strategy there is: To live and embody your mission outloud.


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