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Unlock Your Potential: 90 Days to Live in Your Genius Zone

Sep 25, 2023

 Every spiritual entrepreneur dreams of finding soul aligned success that is rewarding and meaningful. We want to serve the greater good, while thriving in our purpose and well-being.


Why then are so many entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed and drained by tasks they hate and busy work? Why aren’t they flourishing in their zones of genius?

I've been there myself and over the years of mentoring others I've found that the problem stems from not trusting and valuing our own unique talents and passion. We get stuck in old ways of thinking that tell us our passion & joy are unimportant and even frivolous. 

The truth is your joy, passion, and excitement are at the core of your genius. When you deny these or put them off until the “real” work is done, you cut yourself off from your divine potential and your reason for stepping into your purpose work in the first place.

Uncover What You Truly Love

The keys to living in your genius are:

  • Playfulness - Allow yourself the freedom to explore without setting immediate goals or seeking external validation. Let your curiosity guide you, and engage in activities that excite you, without rushing to monetize them. This will help bring you back in alignment with your creativity & flow.

    If you look back at the beginning of your journey it was set into motion by play. You used to enjoy diving deep into the topics, rituals, and experiences that made your life better. Then with your skills and excitement, you set out to show others what you’ve learned.

    But somehow when you started a “business” you got all serious about it and lost touch with your sense of joy, wonder, and play.

    Bring that back in and watch your business flourish!

  • Self-Acceptance - Give yourself permission to love what you love. Drop any self judgments or judgments from others. Your interests, no matter how unconventional they might seem, are valid and worth pursuing.

    Your quirkiest interests won’t just bring YOU joy they are what magnetize your community and clients to you.

  • Unlearning - Society often conditions us to perceive our passions as trivial or secondary. If you went to any kind of traditional school you were taught that “hard work” is the key to success and play is something you earn by doing things you hate.

    To embrace your true calling, you need to shed these old programs.

    Your joy and passion are not frivolous.

    They are what make you YOU and are the driving force of your purpose.

The 90-Day Challenge: Journey into Your Genius Zone

Now that you know what fuels your purpose, you can start your own 90-day journey to thrive in your genius zone:

1. Focus on Joy

  • Identify the 5-7 activities or tasks that you most love doing as it relates to your purpose work, or if you're not an entrepreneur just list those things that light you up. 

  • Over the next 90 days, make it a priority to spend more time on these.

  • PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR. Schedule dedicated time for these activities, create opportunities to engage in them more, and treat this time as sacred.

    For example, if you're a spiritual teacher with a passion for teaching specific topics, channel this love into weekly videos, blog posts, or live videos.

    If you're a wellness practitioner who gets joy from helping people troubleshoot health issues, organize live Q&As.

    Don’t over think it.

    Just start opening up opportunities to do the things you love doing.

    Do the tasks you love without pressure of any outcome, treat it as play.

2. Eliminate Drains

  • Identify 5-7 tasks that you dislike or dread, those tasks that drain your energy and mental space. These are the tasks that need to be eliminated from your routine.
  • Delegate these tasks to someone else or find creative ways to minimize or completely remove them from your life.

Keep in mind that the cost of hiring help is far outweighed by the value of the life force and creativity you regain when you're no longer burdened by tasks that drain you.

When you are focused on doing things in your genius zone and you hire others who can focus on theirs everyone wins and you create a ripple of prosperity for everyone involved.

Money Follows Value

Worried you won’t make money doing what you love?

Know that the more you create value for others from your zone of genius the more you will attract financial abundance.


Because when you're operating in your genius zone, your work is not only more impactful but also more authentic. It resonates on a deeper level with your clients and creates connection, trust, loyalty, and most importantly contributes to your sustainable success.

Plus you'll like your life more!

What happens next?

When you spend 90 days giving more time, energy, and attention to what you truly love, a magical transformation begins to unfold:

  1. You start loving what you do
  2. Your energy levels rise
  3. Your authenticity shines
  4. You become magnetic
  5. Your impact and income increase

You in your genius is exactly what the world needs!

Go live it.

Love it.

And enjoy the rewards.

With love,

Leandra | Purpose Doula & Sacred Business Mentor 

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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

- Howard Thurman