You were made for more than what you’ve been told.
You were made for more than limitations can hold.
You were made for greatness beyond measure.

Hi love,


I’m Leandra Rose, founder and visionary behind The Radiant Rebellion, a mission driven movement for women who are ready to break free from past conditioning to manifest extraordinary lives of meaning and purpose.

I am a guide for rising female leaders and a doula for the New Paradigm.

I specialize in empowering visionary women to release fears, limiting beliefs, and familial and cultural imprinting so that they can thrive in life, love, and business.


My Story

Reclaim your power, heal your past, and rise into Self Mastery & Self Leadership

Embody your radiance and unapologetically shine in your authenticity and feminine magnetism

Turn your wisdom into wealth and create a thriving heart led business



Reset your Radiance to access your aliveness, creativity, feminine flow and confidence.


Each day includes a short & powerful video lesson to help you bring more radiance into all aspects of your life. All of the exercises are easy to implement & totally free so you can start feeling deliciously radiant right away!


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To empower women around the world to lovingly transmute generational trauma into power and create lasting legacies of impact beyond what they’ve been told was even possible.

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  In my group and 1:1 programs, I bring my extensive knowledge in psychology, human development, embodiment, trauma healing, meditation, mindset, and energetics to help my clients unlock their highest potential.




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