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5 Tips for Actualizing Your Visions in 2023 

Dec 31, 2022


Happy New Year!

Right about now you’re likely feeling pretty inspired to make “this” the year you manifest your big dreams.

I get it.

We’ve all been there...

January 1st, full of hope and aspirations. Only to feel disappointed by the year’s end for all we didn’t “manifest.” 

You may be unconsciously falling prey to what I call “The Manifestation Porn Industry” which has made it easy to fall into the trap of “manifesting,”  vision boarding, and just hoping that the universe will bring us what we desire. 

But the truth is, actualizing our visions and goals requires us to take an active role in creating our lives. 

It means stepping out of the passenger seat and into the driver's seat, and taking deliberate and consistent action towards bringing our dreams into fruition.

It's about becoming the active creator of our lives, rather than simply a passive dreamer. By understanding the difference between "manifesting" and actualizing, and taking steps to become the active creator of our lives, we can more fully embrace our power and potential, and create the lives we truly desire.

Here are a few pro tips for actualizing the life of your dreams: 

1. Future self visualization & EMBODIMENT

Spend a few minutes each day visualizing yourself in the future, living your dream life and achieving your goals. Be sure to FEEL your future self not just picture it but feel how she walks, talks, breathes and thinks. Then embody that version of yourself now. You’ll find powerful guided visualizations in the Vision Vortex, a collection of classes & guided meditations for actualizing your big dreams. 

2. Deconditioning

Our beliefs and habits are often formed based on our past experiences and the conditioning we received from our environment. To actualize your visions, it may be necessary to decondition yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. This could involve exploring your unconscious patterns and beliefs through practices such as journaling, working with a facilitator, and actively working to shift them through daily practice.

3. Daily rituals

Commit to daily rituals and practices that will help keep you anchored to your vision. These can include future self visioning, meditation, breathwork, and journaling. Where your attention goes energy flows, so the more you direct your attention toward what you want the more likely you will actualize it. Rituals are a huge part of focusing your attention. Do not underestimate the power of your daily commitments. 

4. Create a Vision Map

A Vision Map is the roadmap to actualizing your big visions. It's more than just goals or a to-do list, it's an outline of your values, vision, beliefs, and actionable steps for creating your dream. 

Answer these questions to create your Vision Map:

  • What are my core values?
  • What is my big vision for my life? For this year? 
  • What beliefs do I need to have to create this vision?
  • What are the action steps?

For support on Vision Mapping sign up for a Vision Mapping Session where you receive 1:1 guidance from me to create a customized roadmap for the next level of your life & business. When you sign up for a Vision Mapping session you receive the Vision Vortex recordings free! 

5. Surround yourself with a supportive community

You’ve probably heard it many times that you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. This is especially true when you are committed to actualizing the next level of your life & business. Find a community of like minded people to share your vision with, receive support from, and help hold you accountable. Masterminds are a great place to cultivate a supportive community. 

f you follow these tips I have no doubt THIS will be the year you get your visions off your vision board and into your life! 

Wishing you a powerful & expansive New Year! 


Leandra Rose | Purpose Doula