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6 Things Manifestation Teachers are Getting Wrong

manifestation purpose Jan 16, 2023

1. Focusing on Positive Thinking 

They put too much emphasis on the power of positive thinking and "high vibes," and ignore the importance of taking action and making real-life changes to manifest your dreams. 

This can cause you to miss opportunities to take action and thus miss the manifestation leaving you feeling powerless. 

2. Ignoring the Role of the Subconscious Mind

They often fail to address the role of the subconscious mind & past conditioning in shaping your thoughts, beliefs, & behaviors.

Without addressing the subconscious you will continue to manifest the same old experiences.

You are not powerless to your subconscious but you will need to work with it to manifest anything new in your life.

3. Focusing on solely on material manifestations

Working intimately with celebrities & the ultra wealthy really drove home the message for me that no amount of money, luxury items, or mansions can heal our inner wounds or make us truly happy.

Nevertheless, most manifestation teachers keep their focus on the external and miss the importance of the inner work and deeper fulfillment that comes with healing. 

4. Promising Instant Success

They promise instant success and instant gratification, which leads to disappointment and frustration when things don't happen as quickly as promised. 

This can steal your power to create by making you believe that you are not capable of manifesting your goals just because it didn’t happen instantly. 

5. Denying the role of effort & action

They often imply or claim that manifesting your dreams & desires requires no effort or hard work, which can lead you to feel helpless and powerless when your manifestation practices don't produce results. 

True manifestation is the combination of desire, intention, and action.

6. Overlooking the role of the body

They don’t give enough attention to the role of the body in the manifestation process.

Your body is your vessel for manifestation. 

Ignoring the role of the body in manifestation leads to dissociation and disconnection from physical reality which makes it impossible to experience your desires in 3D reality. 


You want to make your dreams a living, breathing reality, right?

Me too. 

And I do. 

I’ve manifested money, a Malibu beach house, first class travel, celebrity clients, a special home in Sedona, synchronicities and experiences that most consider miracles. 

That’s why people call me a master manifestor. 

But it’s not because I have all of this just sitting on a vision board. 

I’ve learned to embody my CREATORSHIP and to dance with the ebb and flow of creation. 

And I want more women like you and me, heart centered visionaries on a mission, to embody that power. Because when women like us are thriving in our missions the WORLD IS CHANGED. 

But too many are getting lost in “manifestation” techniques that are disconnecting them from their true purpose. 

This is why I’m leading a masterclass & activation on CREATORSHIP. 

The world needs visionaries who are fully embodying their creatorship and actualizing their visions instead of just dreaming about them. 

It’s time to take back your power to create and thrive in your divine purpose. 

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Leandra Rose | Purpose Doula

Founder of @theradiantrebellion