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From Cycle Breaker to Soulpreneur: How I Transformed My Life and Created a Business I Love

personal story soulpreneurship Dec 27, 2022

 As a cycle-breaking soulpreneur and transformational leader, I am here to tell you that the journey towards becoming a soulpreneur is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling paths you can take. A little risky, a lot rewarding. 

When I first stepped into soulpreneurship, I was filled with fear and uncertainty. I had spent years working in stifling institutional environments, and the idea of striking out on my own seemed daunting and risky. But as I began to explore my passions and connect with my soul's purpose, I realized that becoming a soulpreneur was not just a career choice, it was a CALLING.

And so, I took the leap. I left my 15 year career in education and began building a business that aligned with my values and allowed me to share my unique gifts and talents with the world. It wasn't all easy, and there were certainly moments of doubt and fear along the way. But as I persevered and learned to trust in the process, I began to see the true potential of my soulpreneurial journey.

Today, I am grateful to be living a life that is truly aligned with my soul's purpose. I am able to use my skills and talents to make a positive impact in the world, and I am surrounded by a community of like-hearted people who inspire and support me on my journey.

If you are considering becoming a soulpreneur, I want to encourage you to take the leap. It may not be easy, but the rewards are truly limitless. By stepping into your power and following your soul's calling, you have the opportunity to create a life and business that is truly fulfilling and aligned with your passions and purpose.

There’s really no reason to keep waiting. Take the first step towards becoming a soulpreneur and start building the life and business of your dreams. You are absolutely capable of greatness, and it's time to claim your power and create the life you truly desire.


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Leandra Rose | Purpose Coach & Biz Mentor

Founder of The Radiant Rebellion