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How to turn strangers into paying clients: the authentic way

May 29, 2024

So how the heck do you get total strangers to become paying clients?

If you’re anything like every other new spiritual entrepreneur out there, you’ve asked the question “how do I get clients?” 

And when you come into my world I help you stop asking that question (because it will get you nowhere as fast as the dude on tinder who's asking "how do I get laid?" ew, right?) and instead start CREATING clients by genuinely connecting with your people. 

This is not a surface level tactic, it's an alchemical journey that blends authentic connection, trust, and unwavering commitment to your sacred work. 

Today, I want to guide you through mastering the client journey, transforming strangers into loyal advocates who not only believe in your mission but amplify it.

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1. Activate the Discovery Stage

The discovery stage is where countless potential clients first glimpse the magic you offer. Here’s where you shine by knowing yourself and your unique value.

- Engage in identity work daily and stand tall in your role as a leader, teacher, or guide. 

- From this solid foundation, create content that introduces yourself and your work. 

- Regularly share introductory posts and personal stories, inviting potential clients to step into your world.

When you introduce yourself with authenticity and vulnerability, you invite others to connect on a deeper level. Share your story, your “why,” and the journey that brought you here. Let them see the real, raw, beautiful you. This is the spark that ignites true connection.



2. Enhance Engagement in the Connection Stage

After capturing the interest of potential clients with your authenticity, it’s time to deepen that connection. 

  • Share more about your journey, your values, your vision, and the unique magic that sets you apart. 
  • Don’t shy away from being polarizing; it’s okay if not everyone resonates with your message. Those who do will be your tribe, your community, your soul family.
  • Use your platform to express your beliefs and attract those who align with your vision. 
  • Engage authentically by asking questions, encouraging dialogue, and genuinely responding to your audience. Show them that their voices matter, and they’ll become invested in your journey.


3. Showcase Your Expertise in the Exploration Stage

 When potential clients start to show real interest, it’s time to highlight your expertise. Not false expert status, just your genuine knowledge and experience. Because showcasing your expertise doesn’t require you to claim you’re THE expert in your field.

  • Share educational posts, stories of challenges you’ve overcome, and powerful testimonials. 
  • Clearly present your services and offers, making your calls to action compelling and visible.

This stage is about demonstrating your value with passion and generosity. Offer valuable insights, share your knowledge freely, and let your enthusiasm shine. When clients see the depth of your expertise and the passion you bring, they’ll trust you as the guide for their transformation.


3. Build Trust with Potential Clients

 Trust is the foundation upon which loyal relationships are built. 

  • Address your potential clients' concerns
  • offer risk-free experiences 
  • provide exceptional support

Show them that your relationship goes beyond transactions—it's built on genuine care and understanding.

Be transparent about what clients can expect and respect their ability to make informed decisions. Trust is earned through consistency, reliability, and authenticity. When people feel seen, heard, and valued, they’ll be more inclined to invest in your offerings and advocate for your brand.


4. Nurture and Grow Client Relationships

The journey doesn’t end once clients invest in your services; it’s only just begun.

Nurture these relationships by: 

  • honoring your commitments
  • creating a safe space for feedback
  • celebrating their milestones. 
  • Offer opportunities for continued engagement, such as workshops or community circles, to keep them connected to your mission.

Celebrate their successes, acknowledge their growth, and continue providing immense value. A loyal client isn’t just a repeat customer; they’re an ambassador for your brand who will share their positive experiences and bring new clients into your world.

Treat them like GOLD. 


So, dear one, are you ready to transform strangers into loyal advocates? 

Begin by knowing yourself and the unique value you offer. Engage authentically, share your expertise generously, build trust with integrity, and nurture relationships with care.

In short: be your gorgeous soulful self. 

If you’re eager to dive deeper into mastering the client journey and all things spiritual entrepreneurship, I invite you to join the Business Temple waitlist because doors will open soon. 


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