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 The first time I realized I was a cycle breaker was an unfortunately humiliating moment…

cyclebreaker personal story Dec 28, 2022

I was in a college psychology class learning about early childhood imprints and the impact they have on future success.

The professor gave us an exercise to prove her point that most people don’t make it to college without a healthy foundation in their early life.

She lined us all up in a horizontal line.

She’d say a prompt like “take a step forward if one or both of your parents went to college”

“Take a step back if one or both of your parents went to jail”

“Take a step forward if you traveled to foreign countries with your family”

“Take a step back if the topic of money was one of fear and scarcity”

“Take a step back if your family fled from war” (phew, finally one I didn’t have to step back for)

As the exercise went on I felt my cheeks getting flush…the gap between me and my cohorts was getting bigger and I had even lied about a few of my answers to try to keep up.

By the end, I was THE ONLY PERSON in the back of the room. Far from the rest of the group.

The teacher pointed me out (the outlier in her experiment) and made it (me) a teaching point.

Choking back tears, I heard her explain what a feat it was that I was in this college classroom since the odds had been stacked against me and surely it took a lot to break those cycles.

She made some assumptions about how it could be that I over came the statistical odds. Most of them were false. But I was too ashamed to correct her.

It took me years to transmute the embarrassment I felt that day into pride.

Today I am grateful for that professor and her teachings and am infinitely proud of myself for breaking some intensely negative cycles in my lineage.

Though us cycle breakers are a statistical anomaly, we are not alone. And each time we break the cycles we become light houses where there were once none.

May we remember that being a cycle breaker is not easy. It takes strength, resilience, and determination to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may stand in our way.

But the reward of breaking negative cycles, healing our ancestral wounds, and creating a better future for ourselves and those around us is immeasurable.

The world needs our wisdom & strength. And our lineages are ready to be liberated.

Let's embrace our role as cycle breakers and continue to inspire and pave the way for others to do the same.

Your Fellow Light House,
Founder of The Radiant Rebellion