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 A Guided Journey to Crystalize & Actualize Your Greatest Visions

With the Vision Vortex four-part process, tap into infinite possibilities, harness the power of visualization, and transform your life path to one of prosperity and fulfillment.

Session 1: Activate Your Highest Timeline




In the first session, you'll be guided through a powerful visualization process to explore and activate your highest potential timeline - one of abundant purpose and prosperity.

Session 2: Abundance Mastery



Session two opens you up to a world of abundance that already surrounds you. Expand your capacity to welcome and receive more, enhancing your prosperity.

Session 3: Past Self Alchemy




The third session connects you with your past self, uncovering the gifts and wisdom that lie within your previous experiences, and channeling that energy towards your future.

Session 4: Cultivate Courage & Follow Through




In the final session, build up your capacity to overcome obstacles and enhance your willpower. Beyond visualization, this session prepares you for the journey to bring your greatest visions to life.


Packages Available:

Tier 1

$44 USD

  • Gain access to 4 pre-recorded hypnotic visualizations
  • Guided journaling practices  


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Tier 2

$350 USD

  • Includes all Vision Vortex sessions

  • PLUS a private 1:1 90-minute Vision Mapping session ($500 value)
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“Inside the Vision Vortex, I found layers of myself that I didn't know were there. My dreams and visions became clearer than ever. Leandra is so wise and experienced with the knowledge she shares and her insights are invaluable. I loved all of the practices and can't wait for the next opportunity to participate in one of Leandra's programs.” 
-Deanna Sanches da Silva, Artist

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