$55.00 USD

 Soulful Success is designed for heart-centered visionaries, healers, and changemakers who want to make a meaningful impact in the world. The program is ideal for those who want to build a purpose-driven business that aligns with their values, passions, and strengths.

The program consists of 5 pre-recorded modules that participants can access at their own pace. This self-paced format allows you to engage with the content when it's most convenient for you and integrate the teachings more effectively into your unique business situation.

As a self-paced program, the time it takes to complete Soulful Success will vary depending on your individual learning style and schedule. You can move through the modules quickly or as slowly as you like, allowing for flexibility and personalization in your learning journey.

 The Soulful Success program is self-guided, however if you wish to receive 1:1 support special discounts may apply to students of Soulful Success. To inquire email [email protected] and be sure to mention that you are enrolled in Soulful Success. 

Soulful Success focuses on building a heart-centered, purpose-driven business that aligns with your values and passions. The program emphasizes authentic marketing, mindset shifts around money and sales, and embracing your unique strengths and expertise. Unlike many conventional business coaching programs, Soulful Success prioritizes empowering you to create a business that is true to your heart and soul, rather than following cookie-cutter formulas or tactics.

  The Soulful Success program was initially recorded live with a group; however, the self-paced version does not include group support or access to a Facebook group. This allows you to focus on your individual learning journey and progress through the program at your own pace, without the added pressure of keeping up with a group dynamic. If you are seeking community support join the waitlist for the next round of the Chrysalis Mastermind.

No refunds are available for digital products, including the Soulful Success program. We appreciate your understanding and are confident in the value this program offers to help you build your heart-centered business.

Soulful Success

Awaken Your Heart-Centered Business and Transform Lives

This self lead course included 5 modules to awaken your heat-centered business as well as:

  • The ability to break free from societal expectations and old-paradigm thinking.
  • Learn how to develop the courage to ask for what you're worth.
  • Build genuine connections with your ideal clients.

It's time to connect with Your True Purpose and Create the Impact You Were Born to Make!

What People Are Saying:

“Before the Soulful Success I knew I wanted to create a coaching business. Now I'm more clear about what I want to create and what I can charge that reflects my experience and value. It was wonderful to be part of this workshop and I am grateful to Leandra for this opportunity.”

Heather Aymie, Los Angeles