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A self-paced journey to awaken your radiance, embody your inner power, and remember your higher purpose.

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How would your life change if you could remember your power & potential
every single second of the day?

How would you show up? What decisions would you make?
And what kind of results would you be able to create for yourself as a result?


Dear woman,

I know you yearn for something more in life than what you’ve been living. You yearn for more meaning, more fulfillment, and more ease by simply being you. 

I see the truly brilliant woman you are underneath your fears and limiting beliefs.

I see the gifts you have to share with the world and get acknowledged for your work.

I feel the pull in your heart to know your true purpose and bring your soul’s mission to life.

And I know you are ready to serve humanity in a big way. 

But right now, you feel: 

  • Stuck in self-doubt - “Can I really do this? I’m not good enough yet.”
  • Trapped in overwhelm, overthinking, and self criticism that leaves you feeling defeated
  • Disconnected from your intuition and overwhelmed by indecision and second-guessing
  • Paralyzed by fear that keeps you from taking confident action in the direction of your dreams

To say the least, you’re ready for a BIG CHANGE in your life.
But you’re not sure what your next step should be. 



I’ve been where you are. 

I know the pain of having big beautiful dreams but not being able to go after them because of constant fear, indecision and anxiety. 

For years, I struggled with debilitating self-doubt that kept me in a frustrating state of dreaming but never being able to make my dreams a reality. Until I learned to: 

  • EMBODY my true radiance
  • Trust my intuition
  • And claim my power

Today, I run a thriving 6-figure coaching business helping women break free from the very fears that used to hold me back. 

And this is exactly why I created Remembrance.

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A soulful journey to help you feel embodied in your value, find & fulfill your higher purpose,
and create the life you dream about every night.

Remembrance is not about fixing anything about you. It is a journey of remembering the perfection you already are! To remind you of your innate worthiness, your impeccable intuition, and your radiant feminine power. 

In Remembrance, you will receive a library of powerful videos that will guide you through the principles and practices that will create life-changing shifts for you. 

This self-paced journey will not only cover topics on embodiment, boundaries, self love, and empowerment but will also guide you through experiences and practices for you to truly embody your most radiant self! 



Hi, I'm Leandra Rose!

A Woman’s Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author, and founder of The Radiant Rebellion: a mission driven movement to help women break free from the overwhelm of hustle and grind so they can rise, shine, and thrive in their full radiance.

You see, I wasn’t always clear about my mission and bigger vision.

Just a few years ago, I was working as a kindergarten teacher, constantly feeling as if something was missing.

I knew I was meant to be a leader, an impact-creator, a changemaker, but it was terrifying to let go of the job "security."

It wasn’t until I learned how to EMBODY my feminine power & radiance that I began overcoming the anxiety and fear that was holding me back.

I truly believe each of us has unique gifts that hold the key to alleviating suffering on the planet and the time for you to start sharing yours is NOW.

I have witnessed too many gifted women holding back from living their bigger purpose because they’re stuck in self doubt, lacking confidence, and feeling unworthy of the life they desire.

It’s my mission to support women like you through the journey of REMEMBERING your power and purpose. Join me for this journey of your REMEMBRANCE! 
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I want to join!


There are 4 value-packed modules, walking you through rituals, meditations, and guided movement practices to help you get unstuck and create something NEW & POWERFUL. 

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  • Learn to find safety, comfort and pleasure in your body (instead of searching for it elsewhere) 
  • Activate your feminine radiance and ignite your confidence, so you can manifest your desires with ease
  • Develop a loving relationship with your body and feel more present, grounded, and calm
  • Explore sacred and sensual movement so you can turn on your feminine radiance to get unstuck 
  • Awaken your divine intelligence, trust your intuition and feel empowered to follow your inner guidance


  • Embody your inner power and heal your fears of being seen and speaking your truth
  • Learn to hold firm yet graceful boundaries and eliminate the energy leaks that have kept you feeling depleted in the past
  • Embrace your sacred “no” and honor your true desires 
  • End people pleasing and wearing yourself thin trying to do everything for everyone
  • Upgrade your self worth and become unstoppably confident


  • Understand the principles of the quantum field and harness your power to manifest from the realm of the unseen
  • Learn how to tune into subtle energies to raise your mood and elevate your vibration
  • Deepen your trust in your inner knowing and have confidence to follow through on your intuition
  • Explore sacred rituals and be empowered to create your own
  • Balance surrender and inspired action allowing your life to flow with more ease

Module 4:

  • Embody your feminine radiance and magnetism to start attracting your desires to you with ease 
  • Learn how to live and move in the world as your authentic self
  • Access inner calm, clarity, and confidence to express yourself with confidence
  • Upgrade your self-worth and start expressing your wants and needs
  • Awaken your unique gifts and feel empowered to share them




  • Living your life from a place of deep self love, self acceptance, and knowing who you truly are.

  • Receiving what you need and desire because you’re confidently communicating your needs.

  • Feeling energized, radiant, and inspired to take action on your dreams because you’re no longer giving your energy and power away to others. 

  • Having a deeper more loving relationship with yourself that translates to more meaningful and intimate connections in all your relationships.

  • Embracing surrender and releasing control allowing you to feel more trusting and at ease in your life.

  • Embodying your feminine power, radiance and magnetism instead of getting stuck in doing, overwhelm and stress.

  • Having a toolbox of rituals and practices that will help you nourish and reconnect to yourself anytime you need to.

  • Manifesting the life of your dreams, trusting your intuition, and feeling unstoppably confident

Are you ready to take your power back, own your worthiness, and live the life of YOUR dreams?

I'm ready for this change!
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P.S. I know you’ve read this far because you want to REMEMBER your gifts, power, and potential. And you want the world to REMEMBER you for your impact - today and always. 

Feeling a bit hesitant (or scared) to invest? It’s okay. It’s the same old programming that has kept you playing small. Acknowledge it and then take action anyway. 

Because you know what? It’s time to STOP letting the old stories dictate your life and REMEMBER who you truly are. 

Yes, sign me up!

In Remembrance you will receive:


  • 4 powerful masterclass videos on the Practices & Principles of feminine power, boundaries, self-worth, intuition and more.

  • 4 Morning Meditation Videos for starting your day embodied, empowered, and radiantly expressed!

  • 4 Evening Rituals for self love, energy alignment, connecting to the sacred and more. 

  • 4 Evening Meditation Videos for clearing & aligning your energy to have the most restorative sleep.

  • 4 Guided Sacred Movement practices for you to EMBODY the teachings in Remembrance and feel alive, radiant, and unstoppably confident in your body.

  • PDF Guide to support you on your Remembrance journey.


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Leandra Rose holds a BA in Behavioral Science and Human Development and was an early childhood educator for 15 years. Now a transformational coach and founder of The Radiant Rebellion, she specializes in empowering awakening women to release the fears, limiting beliefs, and familial and cultural imprinting that blocks them from living their most authentic & fulfilling lives. 

Leandra started her transformational work in 2008 after healing her anxiety and panic attacks with meditation. This set her off on a journey to become an advanced teacher in breathwork, meditation, embodiment, energetics & mindset. Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence and process she brings to her sessions and workshops. It’s also her extensive background in psychology, somatic experiencing & mindfulness that creates a unique, empowering and safe space for her clients and students to unlock their highest potential.

From teaching meditation to billion-dollar corporations to leading small, intimate retreats for awakening men & women, Leandra holds an exquisite space that allows her clients to have profound breakthroughs in life, health, heart & purpose. 


Let's make it happen!

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