Your unique genius is the portal to our collective paradigm shift 

Join us July 14th to Recalibrate to your highest potential

and align to your bigger purpose


During this experiential journey, master breathwork teacher, Leandra Rose, will guide you through a unique process and energy attunement using your breath and intentionally curated music to clear the way for higher consciousness. This process supports the release of old patterns, limiting beliefs and stuck emotions so that you can access extreme clarity and innovative insights. 


Join us for this 2 hour activation ceremony to...

  • Transmute the buildup of collective density and (re)attune to your highest self 
  • Let go of any self-doubt and live your Soul Purpose with courage and clarity
  • Embody the power of your self-confidence and own your worth
  • Awaken creative energies and allow them to show you the way to greater success


  • Thursday July 14th at 5pm pst


  • If you have any questions about your order, please send an email to [email protected]
  • Free or Pay what you can workshop

About your facilitator

Leandra Rose holds a BA in Behavioral Science and Human Development and was an early childhood educator for 15 years. Now a transformational coach and founder of The Radiant Rebellion, she specializes in empowering visionaries to release the familial and cultural imprinting that blocks them from living their most authentic & fulfilling lives.

Leandra started her transformational work in 2008 after healing her anxiety and panic attacks with meditation. This set her off on a journey to become a master teacher in breathwork, meditation, embodiment, energetics & mindset. Leandra has transformed her own traumas into the powerful healing presence and process she brings to her sessions and workshops. It’s also her extensive background in psychology, somatic experiencing & mindfulness that creates a unique, empowering and safe space for her clients to unlock their highest potential.

From teaching meditation to billion dollar corporations to leading small, intimate retreats for rising leaders, Leandra holds an exquisite space that allows her clients to have profound breakthroughs in life, health, heart & purpose. 

“I’ve never made such profound leaps forward in my self-development process and connection to myself as I have with Leandra. If you are ready and willing to open yourself up to who you really are, I cannot recommend Leandra enough. No matter where you are in your process, Leandra will help take you to that next level. Leandra was able to crack me open in a way I’ve never experienced and I can never thank her enough.”

-Michael Peer, Director & Screenwriter, Los Angeles

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To Recalibrate to your highest potential align to your bigger purpose join us Thursday July 14th 5pm pst


What to expect:

COMMUNITY - You'll be joining a circle of like minded change makers from around the world.

PRESENCE - We'll slow down together and allow pure presence to permeate the space, allowing for deep healing.

PEACE - The connection & presence with others will bring a deep settling to your nervous system.

CLARITY - When you are relaxed & in a state of deep presence, your own inner wisdom takes over, you will have more access to your intuition & internal compass.

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