Infuse your business journey with heart, soul, and strategy with my 1:1 Mentorship for spiritual entrepreneurs. This six-month immersion marries emotional, energetic, and execution mastery with authentic, holistic business tactics, tailored to your unique path. We'll share 3x monthly 1-hour mentorship calls, plus a monthly 90-minute somatic healing session, weaving your business dreams into alignment with your deepest values and purpose, cultivating both success and soul fulfillment.

With this mentorship, you will receive:

  • Three monthly, intimate 1-hour mentorship calls, for clear, focused progress
  • A monthly 90-minute somatic healing session, to restore, rejuvenate, and realign your energies
  • Talk & text access between calls for continuous support and guidance
  • Personalized business strategies, rooted in authenticity and designed for your unique journey
  • Mastery tools for harnessing your emotions and energy, ensuring effective execution of your vision


This isn't just a business mentorship - it's a heartfelt journey into the heart of your purpose and the pinnacle of your potential. Step into your power today. Create meaningful change and manifest purposeful prosperity with warmth, integrity, and spirit-led strategy.




6 Months $12k

or monthly payment plan

***Please inquire for special pricing, as a limited number of spots are available at a lower rate to ensure accessibility

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